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ICSE Schools in Chennai

A school is a place where students can freely share their opinions and develop a personality that they can bring with them for the rest of their lives. A school is a place where students develop as individuals and are prepared for the most challenging and critical tasks of their lives, making decisions for themselves and living independently. School teaches students how to be self-assured and match their steps to the world. It is in school where one applies the fundamental knowledge gained in school to launch a career and live a happy life.

Sense of Balance Maintenance:

School life necessitates being well-organized, well-managed, and balanced in all areas. During this point, one must deal with the difficulties of transitioning from childhood to adulthood while maintaining a healthy balance between the two. This is the time when one must choose between opportunities that might lead to a better future while still balancing fun, pleasure, and serious work. The person who can’t balance both tends to fall.

It is a school that helps the student to develop its soft skills as well as other skills. The education provided here is very holistic, which trains the student for the future and makes him or her future-ready totally. There is a very balanced education provided here, which sharpens the educational concepts as well as the core activities.

The Chettinad Group has effectively facilitated a wide range of educational, service institutions, and ICSE schools in Chennai and Tamil Nadu for over 60 years. Private and government-aided schools and Medical, Polytechnic, Dentistry, law, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, and Architecture colleges are currently under the control of the party. The Chettinad group started its journey in 1912, when its initiator, Dr. Chettiar, an idealist, entrepreneur, educator, and philanthropist, saw his group’s future in improving society through industrial and business growth.