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Matriculation schools in puliyur

The Chettinad Rani Meyyammai Matriculation Schools in Puliyur (CRMMS) affiliation to Tamil Nadu State Matriculation Board. The schools follow an equitable syllabus (Samacheer Kalvi).

The matriculation schools in Puliyur admit students of the age groups in the range of 2.5 – 15. The quality of the education here is unparalleled. Right from the inception, the school authorities have focused on giving holistic education to the students to make them all ready for the future. Undoubtedly, major importance is given to the theoretical concepts and knowledge, but far more importance is given to teaching students how to apply those concepts in real life.

The school has built its curriculum in such a way that it primarily focuses on building the child’s overall knowledge, unleash the hidden potential and talent of the child, and develop both their mental and physical abilities to the fullest.

The school’s learning environment is growing rapidly, as there is utmost competition amongst the students to perform well, explore more opportunities, take part in physical and extra-curricular activities, etc.

The Matriculation schools in Puliyur focus a lot on the cultural aspect. They teach the children the values and make their base strong from the very start.