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Special Child School in Chennai

The objective of Sath Sadhana is to offer life skills training in both a happy and secure environment that encourages holistic development in people with unique requirements. The pupils need a great degree of efficiency in some thinking skills when given opportunities to practice. The current program affords some fantastic opportunities through different environments. The curriculum focuses on improving knowledge, application, and comprehension. The best part about the learning approach for the students is to enhance their gross and excellent skills besides communication. The school mainly focuses on improving attention, systematic work skills, and engagement.

The special child school in Chennai enrolls kids from four to 19 years of age with disabilities, including intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, language, and speech disabilities. The institute aims to provide a multi-dimensional program that leads to the fantastic development of the child. The school tends to offer programs that include Early Intervention, Remedial Programmes, besides vocational therapy to facilitate overall development.

Some of the extra curriculum activities that one needs to focus on include music, art, drama, dance, outdoor activities, and yoga. The main objective is to offer a conducive, child-centric environment that develops the child socially and cognitively. The Individualized Education Programme aims to bring the best out of all the kids and challenge them to perform out of the box. The environment mainly comprises mixed-age groups that are formed keeping in mind the requirements of the students.

The class size is relatively small to offer all kids specialized attention besides being raised in a nurturing environment. The main aim is to focus on what kids can achieve instead of what they cannot reach. The school also aims to offer a personalized and flexible curriculum that aligns with the needs of those in pursuit of sports and fine arts.