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Leading CBSE School in Karur:

Chettinad Vidya Mandir CBSE schools in Karur have an affiliation with the Central Board of Secondary Education. The school admits children from the age range of 3.5 to 17. Chettinad Vidya Mandir school enjoys a great reputation for providing a multi-lateral and holistic development of the child. Here no studies do play a major part, but they are channelized to bring out excellence amongst the children. The school not only focuses on bookish knowledge but tries to provide students immense practical knowledge.

Since the inception, the school has understood the dire need to empower its students. The process of empowering CBSE schools in Karur is done by providing a challenging and dynamic environment that helps students learn to adapt to the changes in the competitive world. Academic has always been one of the most important baselines for the school. The school authorities always push students to be regular social contributors, participate in the ECA activities, and take full control of their lives.

Schooling duration is when the student can learn and grasp the most, which is when the child has the most open mind. Hence, during this time, the school pushes the child to participate in many cultural activities, learn new skills, strengthen their interpersonal, social, physical, analytical skills, learn to have team management and leadership qualities.

Also, one of the biggest USPs of the school is its huge lush green campus, which ensures that the student’s study between the lapse of nature and get fresh air. The school’s approach makes the students pro-active; they learn to take the initiative and be given nature.

The competitive environment at the school pushes the student to perform their best throughout.